Dental Implant Restoration

Regain Your Confidence and Beautiful Smile With Dental Implants

We understand that missing a tooth can be more than just an appearance issue. A missing tooth could affect your smile, confidence and self-esteem. To go along with these issues, it could also prevent you from chewing on certain types of food or speaking and annunciating clearly.

There are a number of benefits for patients who have chosen to have dental implant restoration – as it eliminates the aforementioned annunciation problems, chewing issues and prevents teeth from shifting or moving. The top of the implant is a porcelain crown and the dental implant itself will not decay and does not need any type of glue,or adhesive.

Most patients prefer our dental implant restoration – as it’s a better alternative in comparison to crowns, partials or dentures. The quality of the bone will affect the success rate of the procedure. Appropriate tests will be conducted to see whether dental implants will be the best option for you.

If you’re thinking of getting dental implant restoration to replace a missing, fallen or lost tooth, do not hesitate to contact Headon Dental.

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