Our Dentists

Dr. Erin Manor, DDS

Dr. Manor graduated from dentistry at the University of Toronto in 2015. She is enthusiastic and passionate about being a dentist and enjoys building long-term relationships with her patients. She believes that the key to a strong relationship is through transparency and honesty. She is a big proponent of conservative dentistry, which means avoiding unnecessary or aggressive treatment wherever possible. In line with this, she feels it’s very important to educate and actively involve her patients in their treatment decisions. She is also passionate about continuing her own education and staying on top of the newest advances in dentistry through active participation in conferences, courses and seminars. When she’s not practicing dentistry, Dr. Manor and her husband enjoy being active and spending their time outdoors.

Dr. Richard Rhee, DDS

Dr Rhee graduated from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine in 1995, followed by residency at North Shore University Hospital, New York. He returned to Canada to establish a home at Headon Dental in 1999 where he has been dedicated to helping patients with their dental needs with comfort and uncompromising care. He finds fulfillment in seeing beautiful smiles on his patients. During his off time, you’ll find him enjoying his time with his family or hitting a ball on the golf course.